My Favorite Film, Rom Com, “The Friend Zone”

by | May 26, 2012 | Life on Set

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When I sat down to write “The Friend Zone,” I had only a few things in mind, Anthony Rosano, Cyrano de Bergerac, and my high school friend, Kevin.

I’d always loved the story of the underdog…and I especially loved Rostand’s play (Cyrano) that had greatly influenced me during my high school years. Anyways, from there “The Friend Zone” evolved and soon became my most beloved adult work, to date. 

I’m especially fond of “The Friend Zone” experience…not just because I feel every single person involved worked their ass off to make it a great film…but also because it was created alongside some of my favorite people in the industry, Eddie Powell, Lexi Bloom, Dana DeArmond, Riley Reid, Anthony Rosano, and Xander Corvus

The movie released back in January and while nearly half a year has passed, the joy of that experience is as close with me as if it happened yesterday.

So, when I read Peter Warren’s write-up about “The Friend Zone” (posted to AVN just a few days ago), I was flooded with emotion. I am not sure I have read a more eloquent review…or a better review…of any project I’ve personally been involved in. I really am moved beyond words…

Here is what he said…

Critical Rating: AAAAA

There’s not a man alive who doesn’t know the pain of being stuck in the dreaded social purgatory of the title with a woman he’d secretly like nothing more than to tongue bathe from head to toe. Which of course is the misfortune tormenting Kevin (Anthony Rosano) in this dizzyingly enchanting modern riff on the classic tale of Cyrano de Bergerac. If ever anyone has come anywhere close to concocting an X-rated answer to a Woody Allen film, writer Jacky St. James and director Eddie Powell have done it here.

From the very first frames, The Friend Zone crackles with a palpable and undeniable frisson that stems from something you might not immediately be able to put your finger on, but which becomes increasingly evident as it unfolds: This is a real movie. Not “as close as porn gets to a real movie” or even “just as good as a real movie” … no, this is dyed-in-the-wool, expertly executed motion picture craftsmanship genuinely more engaging, more affecting and—yes, we’re going to say it—BETTER ACTED than half of what you’ll find on Netflix.

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