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by | May 1, 2014 | AMA

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I am really impressed with your work. Plots, plot twists! Characters, character development! Not just acceptable, but often really good acting! My concern is that your films are available the next day to be downloaded on torrents or are available on MP4 files. Why should anyone pay money when we can all get them for free? Are you and the actors making a “decent” living? I don’t know what that means. I doubt if you are earning $ millions like mainstream film stars. In admiration.


Creativity and passion is what drives me and if money is what I was after, I would be in bed with the tube sites (they are really the best answer to making a ton of money). On average, adult stars make about $1000 a scene (give or take)…and depending on how many scenes they book a year…gives you a rough idea of how much they make. That doesn’t take into account other jobs they book (feature dancing, appearances, etc.). Many have Amazon Wish Lists which affords them the luxury of free gifts, clothing, household items, that their fans enjoy buying for them. But they also have expenses…like agency fees, STD tests, etc. Depending on the studio, the stars usually make more money than the directors and the crew (but the producers still make more – unless the movie fails to turn a profit). 

Photo by: Jeff Koga – Thanks to online piracy, you’re looking at HALF of our crew and one talent (Remy LaCroix) in the above picture. Hope that gives you some perspective


If I was producing my own content, I’d be making a lot more. The producers are the ones who make the most profits…because they are taking the greatest financial risks by fronting projects. Which means, that the cheaper a film can be made – the more financially beneficial it will be for them.


So, for people who steal the content I’ve directed…you’re taking money out of my pocket. Let me break it down for you (and I’m using round numbers…not actual porn numbers):


If a movie costs $20,000 to make there are several costs involved to produce that film:


-Talent (which is usually about half the budget for most of our films)


-Location – which is about several thousand dollars per movie


-If you are selling via DVD  there are replication and artwork costs (graphic designers, inserts, etc.)


-Editing costs


-Other post production costs (titling, etc.)


-Production crew costs


-Food costs


-Hygiene costs 


-Payroll costs


-Editing costs


Of the above, it is always the crew’s rates that are cut first. Always. So when talent charges an exorbitant sex rate or won’t be flexible on their rate – I can’t hire them. The more money that goes to paying talent, the less money I have for crew…or the more jobs I have to cut to stay within budget. The less profit a film makes…the harder I have to work for less money.


One specific example is on our feature films. There was a time when we had lighting crews, production managers, makeup artists, hair dressers, 1 designated sound guy, 1-2 boom operators, multiple PA’s, wardrobe, BTS interviewers, art directors, high quality of food, etc. etc. Now, we have 2 camera operators, 1 makeup artist, 1 director, 1 sound guy, 1 PA, and Costco Pizzas that cost $12.99. That’s it. We have to to cut costs because movies don’t make as much money as they used to.


I don’t just work as a director on our set. I am also responsible for the duties of a  production manager, boom operator (sometimes), continuity person, wardrobe person, crew helper (which involves moving things, unloading and loading in the morning), on top of directing, wrangling talent, running rehearsals on set, and set decorating, etc. My working partner and fellow director, Eddie Powell and I are the first ones to arrive to set and the last ones to leave – every single day of a shoot. It’s an exhausting day for everyone. We do it because we love it. But, we are the lowest paid people – who also work the longest hours and have the greatest burden of responsibility. **Mind you, this is not the case for every company or director. I have heard about some directors who show up late, rely on their crew to shoot their movies, and are often working on other projects while on set and still make great money. That’s not how New Sensations operates. That’s not how I operate. Some directors make a lot of money (they might get backend deals or act as producers), others make less.


I hope that gives you and anyone else perspective if they want to download illegal content from torrent sites. If not, I’ll do what I do as long as I can until the financial burden of working as a pornographer outweighs my passion to work in the business anymore. For now, I’m not going anywhere. For now, I encourage you to buy your movies…but if people feel they are entitled to freebies, when the rest of us worked our guts out for next to nothing so they could enjoy them…I guess that’s their choice, but it doesn’t seem to make  sense to me.